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Rant: different memories -


Just some funny differences I noticed:

When we think about the three girls who loves (or loved) Sasuke (i.e Sakura, Ino and Karin) and we look at their memories of him, what we see? I think the difference between the first two and Karin is plain to see:

Sakura’s memories of Sasuke:




Would someone care to explain to me why is sasukarin possible, and why are people saying naruhina is basically over?

I don’t really do this often( at all really) but I thought why not.

First, I disagree about NaruHina being over. At this point it’s pretty much the endgame pairing and the only one that’s probably certain. I think some people are just in denial of the progress this pairing has made throughout the manga. Hinata has always loved Naruto and those feelings have turned into actions. Naruto has been showing nothing but positive reactions towards those actions even if he hasn’t verbally said I Love You. His growing affection for her cannot be denied. Sakura feelings for Sasuke have been confirmed just yesterday in manga time so she’s not going to switch to Naruto anything soon. On the Naruto’s part, when was the last time he went out of his way to try to get Sakura’s attention/affections? Surely not after Hinata gave him her confession

SasuKarin is the more controversial pairing I guess. It has grown from a comic relief pairing to a serious contender I think. Again this is just my thoughts from reading the manga and other SasuKarin shippers thoughts on this ship. First Karin does love Sasuke. She is sexually attracted to him, yes. That doesn’t stop the fact that she romantically loves him and cares about his physically and mental well being. Despite that rocky time when he lost his mind in the Kage Summit and she wavered, with good reason, she still loves him because he was her hero and risked his life for hers first (her flashback of their first meeting).

At this point the ball is really in Sasuke’s court on who, if anyone, he will choice. SasuSaku was very strong in part 1, that cannot be denied either. However in part 2. Sasuke has grown close to a new group of people who stuck by him for their own various reasons; team Taka which includes Karin. They do have a bond which Sasuke himself compared to Team 7 in his thoughts. They are important to Sasuke and to each other even if they won’t always admit it. Sasuke has been show to go to him limits to help Karin as well, as shown when he awaken a new power to extinguish the flames on Karin during the Killer Bee fight. I think SasuKarin has just as much as a chance to happen as SasuSaku at this point.

Sorry that got a little on the long side >_<

My Shipping Ways


In Naruto, I ship many pairing.
But my main pairings are

So yeah there’s my ships
But I was wondering if there are more SasuKarin & NaruHina shippers who like these two. Instead of the usual NS&Sk Or NH & SS combo….

Right Here!!

-NaruHina, SasuKarin, LeeSaku, SaiSaku (either would be cute imo), ShikaTema, NaruGaaNaru, LeeTen, SaiIno. I don’t really mind SasuSaku but it’s not my first choice. NaruSaku are friends only imo. In fact I like Team 7 friendship more than them in a romantic relationship :)

Karin Uzumaki and SasuKarin: why so hated and why I like them. -


SasuKarin isn’t very popular in the fandom, however they’re my favourite pairing for several reasons:

First of all, they’re a bizarre, original and unxpected couple, very far from the classical shounen stereotypes, Karin herself is an odd and atypical character for a shounen: she’s not the…

This is such and beautiful and well written piece on the couple and Karin herself. I love it a lot

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